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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 14, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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you never know what you are going to see. thank you for watching. >> we will be back. >> hello everyone. welcome to "the real story today". >> huge news tremendous pressure on the president to offer a fix for obama care. we are live at the white house. the president announced that the millions of americans who have had their health insurance plans cancelled will now be allowed to try and get them back from their insurance plans back. >> i think i've said in inner views that there is no doubt
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that the way i put that forward, ended up not being accurate. >> as you can imagine reaction now pouring in from lawmakers on both sides of the i'll. mike what can you tell us? >> what are you hearing? >> some democrats say the president's fix doesn't go far enough. they would prefer a two year extension. florida democrat bill nelson is in support of sending this tweet. not cancel policies folks like. it does represent the clearest am knowledge yet. house speaker john boehner says there is no way to fix this.
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>> so tomorrow the president or the house is going to act on the bill. the keep your health care plan act. the white house says it is looking for adminstrative fix. of course no one can identify anything. the president could do it to keep his pledge that would be legal and effective. >> democrats are meeting this afternoon with representatives from the white house who are trying to reassure their allies up here. earlier house leader nancy pelosi suggested that her voters would like to vote on something. >> think of a belt or suspenders. do any of you wear them? well, [ laughter ] >> well, think of a belt and suspenders. what the president would put forth would be one and what we will do will be the other but
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everything will be under control. the house is due to vote on a bill tomorrow to allow people to keep their health care and allow insurance companies to continue to sell those policies. democrats don't like that bill. the bill will allow people to keep coverage and provide an extension. harry reid has not announced if he will take it up for a vote. so amazing and so much to talk about. the president's about face just part of the problem. so far more than 106,000 folks have enrolled in obama care. that is a far cry from the number that the administration had wanted. joining us now abie, what do you make of the numbers? >> they are disappointing and i think proponents of the law
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including the president are admitting they are disappointing. by the time they said the website would be able to handle the traffic, now it is no longer going to be fully functional by fof 30th. that is two months in and two months into the three months before everyone was supposed to be online. this is not going on pace. where we are going to see vast improvement in the numbers and enrollment in the kind of consumers that they need to balance out the prices. >> speaking of the numbers, look at these poll results. he lied 50% say yes. 40% say he didn't know. should you throw out the health care law start over and 46% say
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yep and 42% say keep trying to fix. from a political point of view, this was to keep off congressional action tomorrow right? republicans could have gone for the jugular and said we want this hole thing dismantled. he has been quiet on the bills to provide a fix. they were going to put pressure on him to put forth a vote. today, the president though he was honest and took full blame and pretty much said he lied. i think that what you are hearing this afternoon from the democrats is that they are still wanting for something to vote on. that they don't want just an
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administrationive fix. codify. they want their own way to right this. >> it looks like the congressional action will move forward. but does the president have the legal authority to do this? he has made 27 changes, but can he do this? it is interesting. congress is a equal branch and he continues to provide it when ever he wants to. if you look at the balancing act here that the insurance companies are in and are desperate to have new patients and so they are staying with the president for a while even though they said the fix today doesn't go far enough. they are hoping that the numbers will add up soon. >> thank you for your analysis. >> what happens now in congress? >> let's bring in chair of the republican policy committee.
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good to see you. so i saw your press release that came out. you don't think that this was enough of a fix? >> the president is finally realizing and recognizing that this health care law doesn't solve the problems of health care in america. what we see is a political band dade and not a solution to the many many problems that people are having in terms of losing the coverage as well as the sky rocketing premiums that they are going to have. maybe until after the 2014 electi elections. >> you can call your insurance company back up but they may or may not allow you to get your plan back up. was he taking back a promise that he gave the american people three years ago? >> he is trying to do all he can
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to avoid something that he and the democrats are fully responsible for. there is a reason that no one in the senate voted for this health care law. having read it i could tell you that this would increase costs to people and possibly have them lose their doctors. they wanted the care they need from a doctor they choose at lower costs. >> the president promised those things and couldn't deliver on it. but almost immediately we had press releases from democrats, senator landreu they are saying hey, this isn't enough. what is going to happen in the senate moving forward? >> this is going to continue to be the debate and hot topic.
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people at home in our home state's families who have lost insurance and are paying double and triple the rates that they are paying before. buying things that they don't need, want or necessarily use. i read a letter from a woman from wyoming who previously had a his tohysterectomy and she lo her plan because hers didn't cover maternity care which she didn't need. >> the republican party was been where is the republican plan in all of this? you announced that you do have a plan. what are the details? >> republicans have had plans from the beginning. the president just didn't want to hear them. we brought those to the round
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table discussion at the white house. he ignored them. tom price in the house another physician has a bill. there are a number of different proposals. we need to help people get careful the president focuses on empty coverage. you do that by having a patient centered approach. that allows people to buy insurance and allows small businesses to get better deals and levels the playing field and individuals get the same breaks as people who get their insurance through work. my wife is a breast answer survivor and has been through three conditions i know that preem need coverage and affo affordable care. in wyoming we had a high risk pool that worked. >> right and you are a physician so you are even doubly for
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capable in discussing this issue. thank you for your time today >> we want to hear from you of course. what do you think about president obama's fix and his admission that the fumbled roll out is on him? >> go to our facebook page and we'll read your comments at the end of the show. massive sinkhole. and much more. the race to stop it before it does more damage and the mayor who admitted he smoked crack speaking out again. will he finally step down? we are live with the story. >> blplus the white house doing major damage control today. but will it help his credibility real talk next. >> when it come to obama care, it is clear that the american people simply can't trust this white house.
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folks near saint petersburg surviving after this sinkhole turned up in their backyard. >> president obama offering a fix for obama care plan today. here is what house speaker had to say about that. >> promise after promise turned out to be not true. when it comes to this health care law it turns out to be not true. there is no way to fix this.
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>> mark and bernard are my fwests today. good to see you. does the president's fix today kill obama care? >> it is no fix. even if they approve it, something like this can't work because they are on the market with new plans. let's say for a second that it did work. he admitted today that the reason it didn't work is because
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he tried to move them into those exchanges. the fix kills obama care. >> yes. >> he has killed it with his fixes right? >> i think he has kept his pledge to the american people. >> the fact is that it is a roll out disaster. the president made good on this plans. he is not going to get the people signed up. if they can get thel back. that is a big if. let's say that they do.
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we don't know who is going to sign up. the roll out was so bad that the people couldn't get on the site and enroll. then we can have a real conversation about whether the changes work or not. >> let's talk about changing the rules after health plans met the rules of the law could result in higher premiums for consumers. they have been set for next year based on consumption. if now, fewer and younger and healthier people choose to purchase under the exchange, steps must be taken to mitigate the impact on consumers. bernard. this is a major person talking
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about this. what would you say to her? >> i would say that is what it was prior to the affordable care act. we cannot go back to the double digit event. this law is a dramatic improvement. >> it sounds like you are okay with that. you cannot auk walk away from 40 million people. >> i don't know what planet bernard is on. >> you have people that are having their premiums jacked up by 100 to 400% because they are mandating that you have coverage you don't want. for example i don't need maternma
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turnity carry don't need it. you are pushing people into plans that they don't need and. >> guys not to mention that the overwhelming three to one number of people that signed up were medicaid people signing up on and those are people signing up for free health care not paying customers. there is a huge mess and problem here. >> the facts are -- >> i got to wrap it. thank you gentlemen. >> president obama bowing to intense political pressure to fix his health care law. it is the news of the day. how will the announcement sit with you? let me know. you can tweet me krech gretchen carlson.
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another day another revelation in the toronto mayor's drug scandal. he is suing former staffers overall gations over allegations of drug use and for. >> it makes me sick. i'm the last one to take legal action. i can't put up with it anymore. i have named the names. i have had enough. i warned you guys yesterday, be careful what you wrote. >> the mayor saying he is getting help. [ bleep ]. >> but offering to further details. >> well the president admitting
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that the fumbled health care roll out is on him. >> i'm going to keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. i think it is legitimate for them to expect me to win back on the whole range of issues in general. he has a whole lot of work ahead of him. versus 37% who say he has been honest. joining me now charles cook. good to see you. >> you just told me that you thought that this press conference that he did today was what? >> i think it was the lowest that i have ever seen him. >> i looked broken for a start. and he failed when he was given the iran question in the middle. he didn't want to talk about health care and eventually after
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a lot of attempts to gdeplekt blame he decided he would go for the democratic line. it is a big risk. >> he said it is a complex progress. it is important to be honest. huh? >> well, he is in a difficult position because he clearly lied. that doesn't say that can't win back the trust of the american people. i'm not sure this is the way of doing it. we had news that senator haagan is going with senator landreu's bill as well. >> so, here is the question that you had written about yesterday. america's worst disaster ever? and your comments are? >> i think it is possible that if this does go into the death spiral that this could be the
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biggest mistake that any party has made in at least 100 years. prohibition was taken fairly broadly. there were equal votes in the house and it was a bad moment in time. this was one party pushing this through and you know, if he does loose this, the democratic party's credibility on this question is going to be seriously damaged. >> so it is the nature of it that you find to be not a hiccup but a calamity of potential historical proportions. >> i can't think of another one. when you look back to 1998, it was repealed one year later. by the same people who passed it. you had people in the house and sen tate who voted for it. and with this one, the democrats are starting to peel off but nobody is under an illusion.
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if you take a look at a foreign policy, iraq is reminded as bush's war. it is a republican war and good news knows what it will be like if this collapses. >> the people has spent the days to awaken in the night and in a cold sweat wonder in horror what if? and i'll leave it there. charles cook. thank you for being my guest today. thank you for having me. >> sentencing day for a kn notorious mob boss next how long he will be put away. and president suggesting his fix for the health care law debacle. we will cam pair it to a solution being pushed by republicans. >> i am very frustrated but i'm somebody who if i fumbled the ball, i'm going to wait until i
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welcome back. his sentence for 11 killings and other crimes. the number of americans filing for unemployment dipping for the
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fifth straight weekly drop. aircraft carrier arriving to bring aid and supplies. back to our top story. millions of americans facing insurance cancellations. lots going on today what is the latest? >> changes that only apply to people that buy their insurance on the individual market.
11:34 am
he was under pressure from mostly red state democrats. >> state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in the states. president said there are a couple of conditions. he is couldn'ting on some people to upgrade. mr. obama said the fix won't
11:35 am
solve the problems for everyone and some are asking how he can do this fix without amending the act and giving them another chance to vote on it something he doesn't want to do. it is still uncertain how much of a fix this will be. on capitol hill the house is expected to move forward with a plan to take this year's policies and sell them this year as well. tomorrow house republicans had to cast their vote. this republican initiative would
11:36 am
undermine health care reform laws and causing premiums in the marketplace to spike. when you hear that you kind of stretch your head and say that. how can one be disas thrust and one be only? >> the bill is what the president's promise was. when the president said you can keep your plan if you like it. that is what congressman upton's bill douse. what the president said today, he said kind of the same thing and put a bunch of caffial's on it.
11:37 am
there are two issues here. people have been given cancellation notices from their compan company. the thi the thing about this bill is it holds the president through to the american people. squo there are many that say when obama care continue to roll out, there are going to be a lot of people getting the notices.
11:38 am
>> part of today for the president as again, what you have been talking about is this notion of 2014 they are really trying to fix this or uphold the promise that they made. they are trying to get them to say guys, we can punt this. if you listen, we can do this. >> the red state democrats sooner than republicans today called them listen to this -- we are going to be working to see how that can be shaped.
11:39 am
he is not going away. >> there is a whole list of them. there is a whole list that came out and said thank you very much but it is not enough. >> you can't undo a law and this is the law of the land and today the president says, i'm going to make the following changes. when the president try to do it that is a problem but when they try to do it that is a different deal. they weren't onboard when we are trying to fix this a couple of weeks ago. today they call themselves
11:40 am
common sense legislateters. >> every democrat voted for this bill and now they want to change it. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> on twitter quite a bit of negative reaction to the president's so called fix. donald trump saying obama friend got a contract to build a website and now she will get more to fix it? after hearing the president's peach it sounds like he is contributing to the chaos rather than helping with the solutions. he says the low enrollment numbers are proof americans want obama care. william hung sold twice as many albums.
11:41 am
beare going to ask insurance experts coming up next. no love for joan jet? why one group doesn't want her on their thanksgiving day float ♪ i love rock n' roll put another dime in the jute box baby come and take your time and dance with me ♪
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welcome back. here is what every one is clicking on today. the first photo of the 50 shades of gray character. posing for "entertainment weekly". the photos delayed now until valentine's day. figures. facebook request for 3 billion.
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snapchat is a popular app with teens and young adults. >> musician joan jet loves rock n' roll. she is a proud peta supporter. of course the big news today president obama offering an obama care fix that would let americans keep their health care for another year. but it is not really in his hands. >> state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and cannot be sold in their states. but insurers can extend plans that could be cancelled into 2014 and americans whose plans can choose to reinroll in the same kind of plan. some shooting down his proposal saying it will mean chaos and
11:46 am
could make premiums sore. let's bring in our guests. laura adams, they are both my guests, good to see both of you. just coming over the wires right now we are the u.s. state insurance commissioners also putting out a blistering statement about the chaos that could en sue? >> do you see it? >> it is interesting, the president today talking about how you fumble the ball. they fumbled the ball and three and a half years ago when they passed this law and the idea that now at the 11th hour they are going to call this and change the play and say you can extend the plans and there is going to be a lot of chaos as a consequence of that. i would like to see it made the law.
11:47 am
i'm not sure on what authority the president is doing this. i would like to see the president doing this and if insurance regulators can str scramble this. we can do anything to mitigate the damage. >> i feel bad for the insurance companies today. they have 32 days now to send out new letters to these people to figure out what the heck is going on and by the way, do they actually have the authority until congress passes it? >> where do you fall on this? >> sit is a lot of hassle that they are going to have to be reversing. we will have a lot of people working through their thanksgiving holiday to get this done. the administration seems to do this until the last minute. what did you make about it when it seemed to me that he was kind
11:48 am
of tossing the hot potato over to the insurance companies. well it will be up to them as to whether or not they will be able to keep your plans. if you look at the talking points that people put out. people will get their plans cancelled. but now they can't blame us. that is a little bit ridiculous. changes the federal rules that everyone else has been complying with. i think the bottom line is millions of people are still losing their plans. i don't know at how effective they will be. but what about the future. what happens when small business plans come up next year? what is going to happen? >> there is no guarantee even if the consumer loves the plan that they have right now that it won't change right here.
11:49 am
the bottom line is they have to shop around and figure out what is best for me? is it a private plan and a plan through the marketplace? figuring out where can i save money? it is going to be paramount for consumers. i can only imagine trying to get through on the phone line or figure out if you can get your plan back. thank you for your time today. >> controversy and commotion seem to follow alec baldwin where ever he goes. >> i hope you choke to death. >> the verdict in the trial of the woman accused of stalking baldwin is in. plus the pledge of allegiance is good for middle schoolers in one town, why not high schoolers? next we'll tell you about the heros who put it on the line for this country are taking on the
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school board. >> they decided that they didn't have enough time in their day to do it. >> he gave almost all he had. for our country. but our school district couldn't give ten seconds. announcer: you're on the right track
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a verdict is in the alec baldwin stalker trial. genevieve sack borne tearful after being sentenced to six months behind bars, on top of time she is serving. she alleged she had a steamy affair with baldwin. an affair the actor strongly denies. here's a story that will get you fired up. should all student says the pledge of allegiance.
11:54 am
trace gallagher is live in our west coast news room. >> reporter: when -- it was designed to be read in 15 seconds but it only takes ten seconds, too much time for the school board because now they have voted not to require the high school students to recite the pledge. now, it's okay in the elementary school there as well as middle schools, but in high school, we're told, it's too much of a challenge. listen. >> just the challenge of being able to find a period within the high school day to be able to say it consistently appeared to be challenge. >> and speaking of challenges, a group of veterans who fought to defend the flag were also at the school board meeting, requesting that the board put aside those ten seconds day out of purr respect.
11:55 am
listen. >> we have a wounded va. it took him longer to get up, get his crutches and walk out of the along than it it would have taken the students to say the pledge of allegiance. >> the board vote not to recite the pledge because where in the day can you find ten seconds. >> we do not -- there's not always an opportunity to have the pledge of allegiance spoken every day. >> in case you were counting-that sound bite took 11 seconds. the veterans say they're not going going to give up. they're going to keep to fight. >> sorry. that is so ridiculous. what i love about my son's school we sing my country tis of the after the pledge. it should stay intact.
11:56 am
thank you so much. >> did the president win back your trust with his proposed fix to his signature healthcare law today? your thoughts. you gotta hear them coming up next. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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♪ >> a tough day on the job for one man has turned into something good. he has asperger's syndrome and he was yelled at but a customer for being too slow. >> your comments about obamacare's fix today. one mom tweeting, if parts of the law are ignored how do you know which part to ignore. >> davis says this reminds me of
12:00 pm
hillary clinton-care on steroids. they should not have tried to ram it down our throats. thank you for sharing your thoughts. now it's time for shep: president obama's new promise on health care. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if your insurance company say it's okay, and some insurers claim the fix could cost more money. >> is the tsa wasting your taxpayer cash? you'll hear about the program that comes almost a billion dollars and goes not work at all. >> remember when toronto's crack-smoking mayor hinted he might have more secrets? they might not be secrets anymore. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. from fox at the fox news deck. if you like your insurance plan


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